CCS offers a variety of high-tech solutions for any environment.

How do you repair a displaced joint in a 30" pipe, 20 feet underground and 80 feet from the nearest manhole?

After the success of the simulation, CCS performs the actual junction restoration - knowing they've significantly reduced the possibility of issues.

CCS offers a variety of high-tech, no-dig relining solutions.

From Stainless Steel Sleeve Point Repair to Grouting Sleeves to Cured in Place Pipe, CCS has solutions for any situation.

Pulling a new pipe through the old one!

The CCS crew "bursts" an old and damaged 6 inch pipe a total of 200 feet, with a new pipe.

Installing new water valves, pipe and pro press copper.

The CCS crew uses several processes to replace a failed water line and valves.

The CCS crew installs 6" PVC pipe

FFR Crack & Point Repair

Coming Soon!

CCS creates a new process for repairing leaking pipes!

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