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Welcome to the Capital City Services Newsstand!

Over the years, owner Wayne Norman and Capital City Services have been featured in leading trade magazines.  Feel free to browse the articles and watch our Demo Reel.  You'll learn why CCS is still going strong, as we celebrated our 40 year anniversary in 2018.  

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Capital City Services continues to adapt
and expand with new pipelines of service.
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Celebrating over 40 Years of Quality Service!

"Our multifaceted, hardworking crews represent a lot of devotion and dedication to providing diverse services across multiple sites." 

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CCS grows into an all-service shop for its customers.

"I've always wanted to be able to solve problems.  That's the only staple in all this: we solve problems.  Throughout the years, we've built a reputation on that."

TV Pipe Inspcetions helps CCS continue its steady growth.

"It's one thing to tell a client what you think is wrong, and a completely other thing to show them what's wrong. If you haven't done a lot of work without a camera, you can't really appreciate how much time and labor they save."

Rolling Rocks!

What appeared to be a routine video inspection turned into a major cleaning project for CCS.

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Establishing New Relationships!

Thanks to everyone who visited the CCS booth at The Who's Who in Building & Construction on May 9th, 2018 at Richmond Raceway!

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